Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Nimbuzz trick (enter chat room using PC)

This trick is for Nimbuzz users

Nimbuzz users might have noticed that when you enter some room you see a welcome message or room subject....Hmm now I am goona tell you the process....
1. It is a PC trick & can't be done using mobile
3. After the Account Wizard comes up select Yes under Do you have an existing account and press next.
4. In the Server field enter
5. Enter your Nimbuzz username & password, press next
6. If the wizard is able to connect and verify your account it will successfully complete. If not, it will fail with a warning. Accept the warning and manually configure as outlined in the next steps.

Manually connect JAJC to the nimbuzz server:

  1. Double click on the JAJC icon in the System Tray
  2. Click the light bulb button
  3. Navigate to Tools > Accounts > Setup
  4. Account field should be set to Default
  5. Enter your nimbuzz username in the Username field
  6. Enter your nimbuzz password in the Password field
  7. Enter in the Server field.
  8. Resource is Just another Jabber client.
  9. Set After connect Stay: to Online
  10. Select the Connection tab
  11. Check the option Connect by IP/hostname
  12. In the IP/hostname field enter
  13. The Port number used for IM communication is 5222 and 5223 for encrypted SSL connections.
  14. Check the option to Store all settings locally
  15. If Proxy configuration is required select the Proxy tab and configure.
  16. Press OK.
  17. Next step to is to add contacts from the light bulb icon
  18. To enter any chat room click on join/create groupchat & enter server, username- your nimbuzz id, leave password blank, enter the room name to enter
  19. I guess that was easy ;)
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